Although Haiti was the first Island Nation in the Caribbean to obtain independence from European Colonialist, locals have preserved elements of French culture alongside many Aboriginal and African traditions reflecting Haiti’s historic past

The Creole language is a melodic blend of this past with English, French and African tongues spoken in regional dialects.

The aromas and local cuisine also captures the past through blends of spices and international sauces toping fresh produce, seafood’s and meats prepared with special care.

Each year art, culture, and music is celebrated during Carnival and other traditional Holidays like Haitian Flag Day, Birth of Toussaint L'Overture, and Independence Day, even Mother’s Day receives a festival celebration in Haiti as well.

Haitians have many occasions to celebrate their culture through art and music.


Nothing expresses the spirit of the Haitian people more than her art and music.

Haitian Art has become very popular throughout the Americas and the Caribbean for its bright colors and pictorials of daily life in the tropics. From market scenes, to vivid portraits of seaside ports and people, Haitian Art celebrates the hearty and carefree joys of living or “joie de vi•vre”

Cap Lamandou Hotel is decorated with Haitian Art. To support local artisans, our guests are invited to exhibits that feature local artists.


The rythm of music is the heart of a people, and Haitian music is steep in the heart of its traditions. It has been cited as having three main catergorizes: Vodou-Jazz, Kompa, and most recently urban hip hop (rap) and sometime a fourth “Reggae”.

Vodou-jazz is segmented into either Rara or Mizik Rasin.Rara reflects the traditions of Vodou Priest with Jazz infusion, and Mizik Rasin reflects the movements of the seventies with social conscious lyrics and rock to reggae rhythms.

Kompa is a unique blend of French and European ball music shadowed by African musical traditions and instruments.

Guests and vistors to the Island note the instrumental similarities heard in Hatian music to that of Cylpso and Salsa heard throughout the Caribbean and made famous by its Latin neighbors like the Domincan Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Haitian Music however is as distinct as it’s people, whose rhythm it captures from the heart.

Cap Lamandou Hotel hosts a variety of musical entertainers at our lounge for guest to enjoy.

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